After School Assistance Program

The After School Assistance Program (ASAP) offers learning opportunities to very low- to low-income youths and their families who are at-risk of educational failure and who have a need for a safe haven after school program.

ASAP provides a full service, after the regular school day and during summer months, year-round program that operates from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday during regularly scheduled school months and 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during summer months.

The program responds to the needs of our community, most specifically, the high rates of poverty, inability of working families to provide safe, quality-supervised and constructive activities for school-aged youths, single-parent households, youths placed with extended families due to the incarceration of one or both parents, behavioral concerns, minority isolation, health concerning obesity, drug abuse and violence, poor school attendance and academic under-achievement (greater than 1-year behind grade level).

About Us

The program provides safe, secure, supervised and cost-effective after school and summer care that advances the academic and educational skills of all participants and their families. Activities of the after school program include tutoring of basic life-skills to help students achieve mastery of Sunshine State Standards at the benchmark level, homework assistance, academic enrichment and prescriptive activities based on individual needs, readiness and language skills for early childhood students; age appropriate enrichment activities, such as art, music, nutrition, recreation, sports, technology and community experiences which are linked back to the youth's regular curriculum. Parents and family members also benefit from opportunities to attend seminars addressing parenting skills, support groups, GED classes, career awareness and counseling on employment skills and life-skills training. Speakers and materials are provided to teach proper nutrition, drug abuse resistance and violence prevention. Families also gain knowledge of technology and long distance learning through the use of the facilities' computer center.

What Sets Us Apart

ASAP's program is the only daily after school care program in the area providing services to the children in the community in which they live. ASAP is also the only after school program in the area operating and providing services through a partnership involving law enforcement, juvenile justice, school board, social services and community-based components. ASAP's collaboration with local governments, as well as public and private community organizations and business partners endorse the program and often volunteer in implementing any available activities. These agencies also provide needed services in order to help the program succeed.

More information can be found at ASAP Panama City.