Downtown Improvement Board


The Mayor appoints members of this 7 member board with the concurrence of the City Commission. Members serve 3 year terms. To qualify for appointment to the Downtown Improvement Board and remain qualified to serve on this board a prospective member or member already appointed shall be:

  • A director, officer, or managing agent of an owner or a lessee thereof so required to pay taxes thereon
  • A lessee thereof required by the lease to pay taxes thereon
  • A resident of the downtown area
  • An owner of realty within the downtown area
  • Subject to ad valorem taxation

However, no 2 members shall be affiliates of the same corporation, partnership or the same corporation, partnership or other business entity, nor shall any member be serving as a city officer or employee.

This board is an agency of the city and works diligently towards the revitalization and growth of downtown Panama City. The Downtown Improvement Board encourages and develops private / public partnerships, develops incentives for business recruitment, promotes new businesses and contacts other communities to network ideas and suggestions.

The Downtown Improvement Board has a website and newsletter offering services and event information listings. For information concerning the Downtown Improvement Board, visit our links page, visit the Downtown Improvement Board Facebook page or call the Downtown Improvement Board at 850-785-2554.