Planning Board Applications

Annexation/ Small-Scale Land Use Amendment/Rezoning Application

This form is required if you are requesting annexation into the City or if you are requesting a small-scale land use change (less than ten acres) or rezoning.
Annexation Application (PDF)

Future Land Use Map Amendment Application

Application to amend the future land use map. Submit this form if you are requesting a large-scale land use change (10 acres or greater).
Plan Map Amendment Application (PDF)

Vacation of Right-of-Way Application

This form should be completed to request the City to vacate or abandon a right-of-way or easement.
Vacation of Right-of-Way Application (PDF)

Public Notice Request Handout

This document gives instructions on how to prepare and mail a letter to those who own property within 300 feet of the parcel under review.
Public Notice Request Handout (PDF)