Development Orders

Post Hurricane Sign Application - After 10-10-2018
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List of documents that must be submitted for a Development Order (DO).
Submittal Sufficiency Checklist (PDF)

Development Order Application

A Development Order (DO) is the order the City issues once your plans or requests for development have been approved. The Development Order Application is filled out and submitted by the applicant at the time the plans are submitted for review.

Most activity involving new construction, additions, renovations, demolitions, lot clearing, signs, trees, and other site improvements, including accessory structures, requires a DO. Use this form when submitting plans for single-family homes, interior renovations of existing buildings, or small additions to existing commercial, industrial, or multi-family developments. You will also need to submit the Impact Fee Worksheet with the Development Order Application. Please check with our department to see if one is required before you begin.

Development Order Application (PDF)

Commercial Development Packet

This document provides the necessary information and forms for new commercial, industrial, or multi-family development. For minor additions or updates to existing commercial development, use the Development Order Application.

Commercial Development Packet (PDF)

Demolition Development Order Application

This form is to be completed by applicants who wish to demolish a structure.

Demolition Development Application (PDF)

Impact Assessment Application

This application should be completed for a water utility service request for an existing building. This includes requests for new water or sewer connections, irrigation meters, and resizing existing water meters. Also fill out the Impact Fee Worksheet if you are adding fixtures to the building or if you are making a new service connection.

Impact Assessment Application (PDF)

Impact Fee Worksheet

The Impact Fee Worksheet should be completed if new water fixtures are being added to the site (new building or existing building). Submit this form with the Impact Assessment Application and/or Development Order Application.

Impact Fee Worksheet (PDF)

Mural Application

The Mural Application must be submitted by those who wish to install a mural on the exterior of their building.

Mural Application (PDF)

Tent Development Order Application

The Tent Development Order Application must be submitted by those wishing to install temporary tents. One tent is allowed for 30 consecutive days per calendar year for each premise within areas zoned for General Commercial, Public/Institutional, Light Industrial, and Heavy Industrial.

Tent Development Order Application (PDF)

Public Notice Request Handout

This document gives instructions on how to prepare and mail a letter to those who own property within 300 feet of the parcel under review.

Public Notice Request Handout (PDF)