Fire Prevention & Public Education

For the Panama City Fire Department, the Fire Prevention & Public Education Division is under the direction of Division Chief Graham Tolbert. This section also consists of one Lieutenant Fire Inspector / Investigator, one Civilian Fire Inspector / Investigator, and one Fire Records Specialist / Public Educator.   

Responsibilities for this very important life safety section include: 

  • Annual Inspections and reinspections of over 2,400 Businesses within the City of Panama City
  • Answering Citizen Complaints
  • Fire Investigations
  • Flow Tests on Fire Hydrants
  • Annexation Checks
  • Enforcement of Fire  Laws and Ordinances
  • Enforcement of the Open Burning Ordinance
  • Reviewing Fire Plans
  • Safety and Hurricane Preparedness

Fire Prevention is also very active in our community through various community programs such as: 

  • Inspections of special events such as Festivals and 4th of July Fireworks activities
  • Public Education Programs
  • Juvenile Firestarter Program
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Large scale Public Education Events, such as Kidfest and Fire Prevention Fest

Public safety is our division's main focus, and with the city growing, it's a job we take seriously. 

Division Chief of Fire Prevention Graham Tolbert

                   Graham Tolbert

       Division Chief of Fire Prevention


                     (850) 872-3056