Millville CRA

History of Millville

The town of Millville, Florida, was born out of the need for lumber to build houses and ships in the late 1800s when settlers coming to St. Andrews Bay had no way to travel but by sailing vessels.

Millville had a sawmill, a shipyard, and several stores. In the winter of 1885 to 1886, several families organized a Sunday school. They built a small schoolhouse and the newly formed Watson's Bayou Literary Society met. By 1910, it was the largest community around the bay and the center of commerce and industry for the area.

In 1913, leaders incorporated the town and voters elected W.I. Singletary as their first mayor. The future was bright. By 1918, 2,000 residents lived in the town with hotels, a theater, 31 business establishments, and several churches. Millville was still the largest town on St. Andrews Bay, but just to the west was the growing town of Panama City.

In 1926, Millville was annexed into the incorporated limits of Panama City.