About Panama City

The City of Panama City is located in the Florida "panhandle" on St. Andrews Bay approximately 170 miles east of Mobile, Alabama, 95 miles east of Pensacola, Florida and 100 miles southwest of Tallahassee, Florida. St. Andrews Bay surrounds much of Panama City and provides a protected harbor for facilities at the growing Port of Panama City complex.

Panama City Marina

The city-owned Panama City Marina and St. Andrews Marina, located on the Florida's intracoastal waterway, provide excellent docking service for vessels up to 130 feet. The city-owned Marina Civic Center located on the Panama City Marina and nearby Martin Theatre and the Visual Arts Center provide a wide variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities for the citizens of Panama City and the surrounding area. The Panama City-Bay County area also has an abundant supply of fresh water. Panama City's qualitative attributes provide a highly attractive living environment compatible with a variety of tastes and life styles.

Cited most often are:

  • pleasant climate
  • attractive housing opportunities
  • fishing and water sports
  • arts and entertainment
  • a pleasing small town environment for raising a family


The Panama City area has a climate that is nearly ideal. The average annual temperature is 68.8 degrees. Average summer temperature is 81 degrees and the average winter temperature is 53 degrees. Annual precipitation averages 57.86 inches. Prevailing winds are southerly in the summer and northerly in the winter.