Port Panama City

Port Panama City is the northernmost port in the Gulf of Mexico. Port Panama City is a relatively young port established in 1967 with 1 deepwater berth and 1 42,000 square foot warehouse. Currently, the port has grown to 6 deepwater berths consisting of 3,240 linear feet, with 32 foot draft, 600 linear feet of barge facilities, and 470,000 square feet of warehousing space. The port is efficiently equipped with loading and unloading facilities for truck, rail, barge, container, RO-RO vessel and deepwater vessel traffic. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway is located adjacent to the port and offers intracoastal shipment capability via barge.

As an integral part of Port Panama City's infrastructure of services, Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Number 65 represents a major incentive to new industry getting established in Bay County. Currently, FTZ Number 65 offers many different advantages to both importers and exporters, depending on the type of product and on the international target markets in which they are participating.

The menu of services at Port Panama City is geared to benefit its customers or industrial park tenants, regardless of their product line or volumes. The advantages and benefits are readily available to those industries expanding or relocating in our area, whether in manufacturing, assembly, or transshipment of commodities in the port area, or at any of the industrial park sites.

Port Panama City rates are among the most economical on the Gulf of Mexico or East Coast region, and combined with the incentives available through FTZ Number 65, represent an attractive alternative to industries seeking to expand or relocate in this part of the State.

The Panama City-Bay County area has 3 major industrial parks consisting of 560 acres: 

  1. The Port Panama City Industrial Complex (125 acres)
  2. Hugh Nelson Industrial Park (175 acres)
  3. Bay Industrial Park (260 acres)

In addition, the Port Authority and the Bay Line Railroad are participating jointly on the development of a new industrial park consisting of 1,500 acres. For more information about Port Panama City visit their website or call the Port Authority at 850-767-3220.