Permits & Applications

All permit applications must be submitted IN PERSON BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to the Panama City Fire Department Fire Prevention Division located at 600 E. Business Hwy 98, Panama City, FL 32401. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about the permitting process, please call 850-872-3056.

Burn Permit

Opening burning in the City of Panama City is strictly prohibited at all times per City Ordinance 2527. This includes but not limited to igniting or maintaining an outdoor fire or open burning of any materials which produce visible emissions. The burning of household garbage, yard debris, construction materials, and/or any other combustible materials is prohibited.

The ordinance does not prohibit the use of charcoal or gas grills used for cooking the purpose of food preparation. This ordinance shall also allow, with certain limitations:

1. The use of commercially manufactured units (fire pits, chimineas, etc.) that are designed and sold as outdoor fireplaces, so long as they are used for their intended purposes and according to the manufacturer's directions. These devices shall be located a minimum of 10 feet away from any structure, overhang, vehicle, or property line, shall be equipped with a spark arrestor, and shall be maintained in good condition.

2. Burn Permits completed and approved by the Panama City Fire Department for Civic functions, Ceremonial functions, etc . 

         *A $50.00 fee will need to be submitted at the time the application is submitted*

Fireworks Approval Application

The following must be met and approved by Panama City Fire Department PRIOR to the Event Date for Approval: 

1. CITY PERMIT PRESENTED AT TIME OF FIRE DEPARTMENT REQUEST (A city permit is not required for the 4th of July or New Year's Eve)

2. No local or statewide burn ban is in effect.

3. Arrangements have been made with the owners of any adjoining property.

4. Proof of Liability Insurance paperwork, FAA Notification, Coast Guard Notification, ATF Notification, and current permit/license to discharge fireworks.

5. Site plans including aerial maps, along with proposed shell count and size paperwork.

6. Arrangements are made for safety (water supply and/or fire extinguishers).

7. Following Guidelines are met and followed: NFPA 1123 – Fireworks Display, NFPA 1124 – Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, and Retail Sales of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles, NFPA 1126 – Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience, and NFPA 1127 – High Power Rocketry. The City of Panama City’s AHJ or Designee reserves the right to cancel or control the Fireworks display/event activity at ANY time. Fireworks display must be done under calm wind conditions (as determined by the AHJ or Designee). The requesting party conducting the Fireworks Display shall be liable for any damages occurring as a result of the event. If complaints are received regarding the activity, the responsible party shall stop immediately. The Display must take place on the date and times listed above or the permit becomes invalid, and a new approval form will have to be issued.

Knox Box Ordinance & Hold Harmless Agreement

To help reduce delays in providing emergency services, where access to or within a structure or an area is unduly difficult because of secured openings or where immediate access is necessary, the authority having jurisdiction shall require a key lock box system (Knox Box) be installed per City Ordinance 2568 & 2603.

The following structures, businesses or properties are exempt from this section:

(1) Single-family structures and multi-family structures that do not meet the definition set forth in subsection 6-64.

(2) Businesses or properties which are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

(3) Rental storage facilities where there is a single lock on the separate storage pads that are renter supplied/provided. However, the entry security gate(s) will require a Knox Box if electronically controlled, or locked with a master key issued by the landlord of all tenants.

(4) Owners of businesses, properties or structures ("owners") that execute a "Waiver and Hold Harmless" agreement, that will waive any claims against the fire department and the City of Panama City and its officers and employees for any entry so long as entry appeared to be reasonably necessary based on the circumstances and entry was reasonably made after attempting to contact a key holder, and agrees to hold harmless from any liability, loss and cost limited to, liability for property damage, loss of income, and reasonable attorney's fees, arising or allegedly arising from the failure to have a Knox Box available. It will be the responsibility of the owners to keep contact information for a key holder updated with this agreement.